Megan Trombino

Welcome! I like people, food, social justice and pop culture. Thanks for visiting!

Hello and welcome! My name is Megan and I’m an HR Manager working in the advertising, branding and design space. My love of people, community, and culture brought me from running the day-to-day needs of the office to partnering with senior business leaders and managers to meet strategic people and operation management initiatives in a dynamic, fast-paced creative environment.

I’ve been tasked with comprehensive recruiting, on-boarding, and benefits implementation as well as overseeing employee growth and culture. I’m lucky enough to be the first point of contact for candidates and pride myself in setting the tone for a positive experience from phone interview to the first day at work.

I believe good ideas come from anywhere and everywhere and having a diverse and empathetic workforce will not only change how work gets done, but make the work we do better for business.

I’ve also been the in-house chef at my agency for over seven years. If anyone knows how to effectively manage time and prioritize their workload, it’s me. I pride myself in being able to put a meal on the table for 60+ employees/clients and still have time to hop on a webinar, price out an HRIS system or have a team meeting about rolling out annual performance reviews.

When I’m not in the office or with my family, you can find me running around town with my sweet pup, Frankie Louise. She’s a Hurricane Maria rescue we were lucky enough to find at ARL Boston. She has her own Insta highlight tag if you want to see how she’s grown!

Here are some dishes I’ve been lucky enough to make for clients and coworkers.

Mike's Texas Chili in a Frito's bag with scallion, sour cream, longhorn cheese and fresh cornbread smeared with salted butter

Lemon Ricotta Toast with hazelnut, parsley, chive, balsamic reduction and a damn good olive oil on Iggy's bread

Miso Lime Grain Bowl with shredded carrot salad, farro, quick pickled cucumber, heirloom tomato, cilantro, jammy egg, scallion and cashews

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